TAPS Urges Victoria Council to Reconsider Police Budget

CSI for Victoria - 2016


The Together Against Poverty Society has submitted a letter to Mayor and Council on January 4th, 2018, urging a rejection of the Victoria Police Department's request for significantly more resources and the ability to hire additional police officers. Specifically TAPS takes issue with the allocation of more public funds to the ACT Team Pilot Project, which connects police with mental health outreach workers, as there is little to no data analyzing whether or not police presence is a positive thing for patients of the ACT Teams, many of whom are under an order of committal to be followed by ACT Teams. TAPS is also urging Council to consider the implications of hiring additional police officers at a time when reported crime is in significant decline in Victoria. TAPS fears that more police officers may mean a greater focus on enforcement of minor crimes against marginalized people, especially those suffering complications from health matters like addiction and mental illness. 

Read the full text of the letter to Mayor and Council below: